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Invitation to Comment on Federal Agency Climate Adaptation Plans



March 2013 ClimateLine

White House Council on Environmental Quality Releases 35 Federal Agency Climate Adaptation Plans for Public Review

 Please Comment Now!

Executive Order 13514, signed by President Obama on October 5th, 2009, mandates Federal agencies to develop Sustainability Plans that provide an overview of how agencies are saving taxpayer dollars, reducing carbon emissions, cutting waste, and saving energy.

On February 7th, 2013, 35 federal agencies released their third annual Sustainability Plans, which for the first time included Climate Change Adaptation Plans to help federal agencies reach sustainability and climate change resilience goals.

These adaptation plans (within the broader sustainability plans) are now available for public review and comment by the week of April 9, 2013 (click the link below to check deadline for each agency). Plans will be updated by agencies as needed, with assistance from your public comments. The Center for Climate Strategies (CCS) has posted links to each of the Agency Plans, along with details on how to submit comments and questions to each agency, at

To assist you, CCS has also authored an Adaptation Guidebook with an overview and detailed, step-by-step methods on climate change adaptation planning and policy development, available at

You can review examples of adaptation-planning activities by States and Localities on the CCS website at (use the search engine for “adaptation”), and at the Georgetown Federal State Climate Resource Center at You can learn more about sustainability and climate change impacts and resilience planning in the United States at

For questions or assistance on climate action plans, please contact Xiaoxiao Li of CCS at

Remember, only the Adaptation Plans are up for public comments, which are due the week of April 9th. Pease share this notice with others and let us know how we can help you!

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