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Member Benefits Include:

• Information and Education

o Subscription to the KEEA Newsletter, featuring the most current information about business opportunities and legislative initiatives that will affect Pennsylvania’s energy efficiency sector.
o Track and provide action alerts on relevant legislation and policy developments.
o Webinars that provide business advice and technical instruction.
o Strategic counsel on advancing energy efficiency.

• Advocacy

o Represent the interests of Pennsylvania’s energy efficiency sector by monitoring and participating in formal and informal PUC meetings related to the implementation of Pennsylvania Act 129.
o Support legislative initiatives on the local, state, and federal levels that would benefit Pennsylvania’s energy efficiency sector.
o Ensure the effective implementation of government initiatives on the local, state, and federal levels in order to promote energy efficiency market transformation in Pennsylvania.
o Work with state agencies, legislators, the governor’s office and other policy makers to advance energy efficiency polices and serve as a technical resource for questions on residential, institutional, industrial, and commercial energy efficiency.
o Seek to develop consensus positions on topics in order to provide strong, clear, consistent messages from a broad spectrum of industry stakeholders.

• Networking

o Access to KEEA's Listserv and an online tool that connects contractors, service providers, consumers, and investors.
o Invitations to regional events that allow energy efficiency stakeholders to meet related businesses and advocates in their region and beyond.
o Networking opportunities, including seminars, webinars, conference calls and informational sessions on timely topics of vital interest to members.

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