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Home Appliances

Home Appliances
  • Computers


    Computers and laptops have become as ubiquitous in the home as any other appliance.

  • Televisions



    Televisions can be a large waster of energy.

  • Standby Mode

    computer on standby

    Electricity consumed during the “standby” mode or the “off” mode of many appliances can waste considerable energy.

  • Refrigerators


    Refrigerators have become a household amentity, and you will find one, if not more, in almost every home.

  • Printers


    Printers consume varying amounts of energy, anywhere from $15 to $70 per year.

  • Ovens and Stoves


    Because ovens and stoves have a rather long lifespan, it is important to choose one that’s energy efficient.

  • Humidifiers


    Forced air heating systems may dry out the air in your home during winter.

  • Freezers

    Fax Machines
    fax machine.jpg

    Fax machines are used every day in offices around the world yet can create a lot of waste and use a large amount of energy.

  • Dishwashers


    Dishwashers are a large user of energy, both in terms of electricity as well as water usage.

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