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Energy News

This page contains energy news you can use! Check frequently for updates and information about trends, tips, policies, and other issues that affect your life and your wallet.

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Energy News Story Date Posted Description
Recent PJM Study 03/23/2015 Increasing energy efficiency could help Pennsylvania's generators.
PUC Tentative Orders 03/23/2015 PUC served two tentative orders on March 11, 2015
Duquesne, Nonprofit Team Up to Host Energy Discussion 03/02/2015 Pittsburgh's NPR station features KEEA's upcoming energy event in Pittsburgh.
KEEA and Partners in Pittsburgh! 02/19/2015 Pa. energy policy to be addressed at Duquesne
3 Charts Explain Why the Oil Crash Won't Hurt Utilities 01/09/2015
Quick Question: How Energy Efficient is Your City? 09/01/2014
Energy efficiency for natural gas is still consistently cheaper and less risky than supply 08/11/2014
AEE and KEEA Cite Opportunities for Savings, Economic Growth, Better Electric System in PA Under EPA’s Clean Power Plan 07/30/2014 Energy Efficiency and other Technologies Can Meet Standards and Boost Economy
AEE's Malcolm Woolf Explains How EE Maximizes Utilities' Investments 06/24/2014 Woolf: Energy efficiency helps utilities get the most out of their existing system
PSEG CEO: Utilities Should Leverage Efficiency 06/20/2014 The future of the utility business lies in optimizing the use of electricity for every customer, Izzo says in UtilityDIVE

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